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The goal of using the term Family is to bring people together that want to Serve in the local Community. Whether the individual has a dog or not, the individual can still serve in the community. Therapy Dogs offer a fantastic avenue to be able to bring people together from just about any background. The hope is that this group of people and dogs will come together to support each other as they serve.

The first thing they plan to do is get people with dogs that have completed Therapy Dog training to get themselves and their Dogs certified. They will then work to create Teams to begin to go out into the Community.

Training will be an important part of working with the Volunteers and dogs. Handlers and Volunteers need to understand that they are truly a big part of the Therapy effort. Words and actions can give great comfort. Many times, a Therapy Dog breaks the barrier within a session. The Handler and Volunteer can then spend time just communicating in conversation. Therapy Dogs know that many people they serve feel isolated and lonely. As Team members become trained and certified, they will begin to move out into the Community serving at different locations. More experienced Teams may find themselves in more challenging places to serve.

As the Family of Volunteers grows, there will be lots of different jobs that Volunteers can fulfill that will become visible in the Community. Paul and Sue Anthony believe that Therapy Dogs and Handlers/Teams will have a positive impact on the local Community.


Being part of a “RocDog Therapy Team” does not require that you have a Therapy Dog. Our hope is that you want to be part of something that is trying to help the community by supporting each other and others around us. Teams will consist of two people with one Dog whenever possible.


RocDog does not do training directly currently. We currently recommend Woof2Hoof for training, but you can choose any trainer you want. Hopefully, after puppy and basic training you will take a specialized class for Therapy Dogs before you attempt to Certify your Dog. Our goal is to have as many Dogs as possible become Certified Therapy Dogs, but we need to make sure that every Dog and person is safe and prepared to do this type of work.
To contact Woof2hoof:
Contact: Becky Rene – Phone: (585) 737-3789
Web Site:


For any Dog to be part of RocDog they must be Certified. This means that they have been tested to verify they have the proper training and temperament for this type of work. Some breeds are better suited for this work. Also, Liability Insurance companies also frown on some breeds. Certification is for both the Handler and the Dog.

RocDog has two of the top Trainers and Evaluators for Therapy Dogs in the area. Becky and Becca must approve your Dog before you and your Dog can serve with RocDog. The Evaluation of Handlers and Dogs will be scheduled on a regular basis. We also plan some open pre-evaluation time for people to come see and understand just what it takes.


Information about General Liability Insurance for Therapy Dog Handlers

How to Join: Membership information

a. You must have a desire to help others.
b. We are looking for good listeners.
c. You must be responsible.

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