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What is Therapy Dog Training, Rochester, NY

Certified therapy dogs in Rochester, NY, can often be hard to find. This activity is for people who would like to acquire therapy dog certification in Rochester, NY, and use their dogs as emotional support for the community. Therapy dogs for special needs people provide comfort and affection to individuals in schools, elderly / retirement homes, hospitals, mental health organizations, etc.

Therapy Dogs for Autistic People, Rochester, NY

If you have a well-mannered canine of any breed and are looking for opportunities to give back to society, then opt for therapy dogs for the community and volunteer your time and dog! In turn, you will get therapy dog certification (Rochester, NY) for your investment. If you are looking for Rochester dog training or service dog training in Rochester, NY, then this is the route for you!

Dog Obedience Training, Rochester, NY

RocDog does not do training directly currently. We currently recommend Woof2Hoof for training, but you can choose any trainer you want for dog training in Rochester, NY. Hopefully, after puppy and basic training, you will take a specialized class for Therapy Dogs before you attempt to Certify your Dog.

Best k9 Training in Rochester, NY

Good k9 therapy in Rochester, NY, can often be hard to find. Our goal is to have as many Dogs as possible become certified therapy dogs, but we need to make sure that every Dog and person is safe and prepared to do this type of work.

To contact Woof2hoof:

Contact: Becky Rene – Phone: (585) 737-3789

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