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The goal of WORLD is to be able to assist people with our resources and services when possible. This is broken down into several areas:

  1. Supply trained Therapy Dogs to those in need.
  2. Support Places in the world.
  3. Disaster / Crisis Response

We live in a time and place that has given us so much. We think it is important to give back to those in need. We find that as we reach out to help others we are truly blessed by these selfless acts of support and kindness. This helps us all become better people within the local Community.

Paws for Hearts Program

“Paws for Hearts” is a program where we want to focus our skills on giving to the Special Needs Community in and around Rochester in a very special way. Soon we hope to be locating 1 or 2 dogs a month that have the right temperament to become Therapy Dogs, Volunteers will then Foster and Train these dogs with our Trainers help, until they can be Certified as Therapy Dogs. RocDog expects this process to take about 6 months to complete. Once these Dogs are Certified we plan to place these Dogs with Special Needs families within the Community. The goal is to build relationships with local Agencies to help us get Dogs that have the right temperament.

Check out how you can help us with this very special project.

Places we Support – House of Love Orphanage:

In October of 2016 Paul and Sue Anthony came across a wonderful Orphanage in Leogane, Haiti. The man running this Orphanage was Pastor Jeanot Deceus. His Orphanage had about 40 children living in the Orphanage. What we fell in love with us the fact that Pastor Jeanot had an Orphanage and took care of so many children, but he also had a school that he created for his Orphans and children that lived around the Orphanage. The school has about 150 children. We saw a need and a wonderful man trying to help. We have been feeding the orphans now for several years and it is a blessing to us.

Places we Support - Be Finally Free:

Several years ago, a good friend started a non-profit in Bakersfield, California. Be Finally Free was created to “Restore and equip those impacted by addiction, crime, incarceration, and poverty by providing education, instilling life skills and giving hope to overcome their circumstances”. The purpose and mission have helped many people in need. We need more people like Debbie in this world. It is an honor to support her in her efforts in her Community.

Be Finally Free, Inc – Discipleship, Education, Relationships

Crisis Response:

The goal of using the term WORLD is to assist when a disaster or a crisis strikes close to home, or outside of New York. Volunteers need to be prepared to be able to go when needed. This will require special training for Handlers and Volunteers. Several things happen when assisting in these types of events. They are:

  1. Handlers must be prepared for what they are going to encounter.
  2. First time Handlers will be required to go along with a veteran.
  3. Only go to places that RocDog is invited.

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