“Our Dogs Help People”

About Us

In February 2021, RocDog was only a dream. The goal was simple. Create a Therapy Dog Group to serve the Community putting SMILES on the faces of everyone we meet. We wanted RocDog to be different, but Wow, how our dreams have come true, and so much more.

On the left is a picture of Joshua spending time with some Pre-Schoolers. Little people are his favorite. He would spend all day if he could.

In March of 2021, RocDog was incorporated as a Non-Profit focusing on Therapy Dog Services in Rochester, New York. The focus of RocDog is simple: To serve in our Communities with our Therapy Dogs and put SMILES on faces whenever we can. Our Volunteers and their Therapy Dogs have become a great resource for good. These past few years people have been isolated and are hurting. We have seen firsthand how a dog can lighten up a face, bring a smile, get a giggle, and even a laugh. Let us come visit you and show you first-hand just what a Therapy Dog can do.

“We are better when we work together”

RocDog services are being offered to the Community. Please become a RocDog Supporter and help us grow to be able to provide our valuable services to more people, so they can get a “RocDog Smile”.

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At RocDog we look at everyone involved in our efforts as Family. This goes way beyond people just volunteering their time. The goal is to bring people together that want to Serve and help people in our Community. Whether they have a Dog or not, we can all work together. Therapy Dogs offer a fantastic avenue to be able to bring people together from just about any background. The hope is that this group of people and dogs will come together to support each other as they serve.

The first step is to get the Handler and Dog trained and Certified as a Therapy Dog Team. The process is straight forward but requires some serious work for the Handler and the Dog. Once Certified the Team can become part of RocDog.

Training is an important part of working with the Volunteers and Dogs. Handlers need to understand that they are a big part of this effort. Words and actions can give great comfort. Many times, a Therapy Dog breaks the barrier within a session. Then Handlers can then spend time just communicating with people as they visit. We know that many people they serve feel isolated and lonely. As a Team, Handlers and Dogs move out into the Community serving in different locations. More experienced Teams may find themselves in more challenging places to serve.


Community is where we Serve. RocDog is currently offering its Therapy Dog Services to people in need all around our communities. This is our Core, our Base, this is what we were meant to be. Helping people with our Dog’s in any place that has a need. We are open to Serve. We also have a desire is to help work through the disconnection we see between Law Enforcement and the Community. Law Enforcement needs our support. As these relationships build, RocDog goal is to assist in building bridges and mending broken relationships from the past.

They also see themselves working with different groups and businesses in the Community. For example:  Hospitals, Schools, Transitional Living Homes, Shelters, Nursing Homes, businesses, and any groups that could use the services.

Another possibility is to be able to provide special Dogs to people as a Therapy Dog or Service Dog. The process can be hard. First, they must find the right Dog as a puppy and spend time training the dog for this service. Then finding a match with someone in need. It will take special staff to implement this type of program. Also, another area to explore is the training of service dogs for people that have special needs. They understand that this is an idea that is down the road. These services will require highly trained people to work with these dogs and help placement with people. The list of people that can benefit from these types of dogs is long. For example: veterans that have come home with PTSD’s.

Special Projects:

RocDog has always had the desire to help everyone. We found that our dogs provide amazing support to Special Needs Families. This work has grown to become more than visits.

RocDog created a special project specifically to help Special Needs Families. The Paws for Hearts project has been designed to:

Rescue dogs with the right temperament.

Train these dogs to become Therapy/Support dogs.

Place these special dogs into Special Needs Family’s homes.

Continue to mentor and support these families as they become members of the RocDog family.

To date, we have had wonderful partners step up to financially support this effort. RocDog has been able to place 12 dogs over the last 18 months to families that are using these dogs to support their families, but also be out in the community with us making visits to others in need.

Please contact us to see how you can be part of this special effort.