Jessie at Mary Cariola School

Paws for Hearts Program:

We believe that Dogs thrive when they have a job to do. We see this every day as we make visits into the community with our Dogs. “Paws for Hearts” is a special program where we are using our skills as Therapy Dog Handlers and Trainers to help the Special Needs families in our Community. RocDog became an official Dog Rescue in the summer of 2022 to be able to better facilitate finding dogs and care for them as we worked to train them to become Therapy Dogs and start a new life with their Special Needs families. To date we have already placed 5 Dogs to their new forever home. The picture to the left is dog #5 (Jessie the little white dog) and she works at the Mary Cariola School.

Currently we have dog #6 (Jobe) and dog #7 (Link) in training as they work to become Therapy Dogs and their placement. As RocDog is able to secure funding for this project we are hoping to add one dog to the program every month if possible. Volunteers will then Foster and Train these dogs with our Trainers help, until they can be Certified as Therapy Dogs. RocDog expects this process to take about 6 months to complete for each dog.

Check out how you can help us with this very special project.

Crisis Support Teams

The RocDog “Crisis Support Teams” are a special group of our Volunteer’s and Dog’s that are trained to help in our communities in times of special need. A Crisis can come in many different shapes and Sizes. RocDog is working with local Hospitals, Agencies, Schools, Facilities, and Individuals to provide extra care during a time of Crisis for them. Not all of RocDog’s amazing Volunteers and Dogs are suited for this work. But a select group with a heart to push themselves into the community to help other in pain make up this specialized group within RocDog.

How do you define a Crisis? Does size of the event count? Does severity of the event count? Maybe it is someone in Crisis as they go through Cemo to battle Cancer. Our goal is always the same. To put smiles on faces. sometimes we see smiles with tears.

Need more information about these services? Please reach out to us.

Dottie at Penfield High School

House of Love Orphanage, Leogane Haiti

In October of 2016 Paul and Sue Anthony came across a wonderful Orphanage in Leogane, Haiti. The man running this Orphanage was Pastor Jeanot Deceus. His Orphanage had about 30 children living in the Orphanage. What we fell in love with us the fact that Pastor Jeanot had an Orphanage and took care of so many children, but he also had a school that he created for his Orphans and children that lived around the Orphanage. The school has about 180 children. We saw a need and a wonderful man trying to help. We have been feeding the orphans now for several years and it is a blessing to us.