Community Service Opportunities, Rochester, NY

The goal of using the term Community is too direct RocDog services in several different directions. The desire is to help work through the disconnection of Law Enforcement and the Community. Law Enforcement needs community support. As those relationships build, RocDog hopes to help build bridges and mending broken relationships from the past.

Volunteer Work Rochester, NY

If you are searching for volunteer openings in Rochester, NY, then you are in the right place. We work with diverse businesses and groups in the community. For example, Hospitals, Schools, Transitional Living Homes, Shelters, Nursing Homes, businesses, and any groups that could use the services.

Nonprofits with Therapy Dogs

Another possibility is to be able to provide therapy dogs for nonprofits to people as therapy dogs. The process can be hard. First, they must find the right Dog as a puppy and spend time training the dog for this work, and then finding a match with someone in need. It will take special staff to implement this type of program.

Are you looking for places to volunteer in Rochester, NY? A creative area to explore is the training of service dogs for people that have special needs. They understand that this is an idea that is down the road. These services will require highly trained people to work with these dogs and help placement with people. The list of people that can benefit from these types of dogs is long, for example, veterans that have come home with PTSD.

Our Community: The places we serve, and the people and places supporting us

Agencies We Serve:

  1. Monroe County 911 Call Center
  2. Gates Police Department
  3. Rochester Police Department
  4. Irondequoit Police Department
  5. Monroe County Sheriff’s Office
  6. Monroe County Sheriff – Zone A
  7. Monroe County Sheriff – Zone B
  8. Monroe County Sheriff – Zone C
  9. Monroe County Probation Department
  10. Monroe County Department of Emergency Services
  11. Greece Police Department

Community Locations We Serve:

  1. Rochester Regional Health:
    1. Rochester General Hospital
    2. Staff Wellness
    3. Unity Hospital
    4. Wegmans Cottages
  2. Monroe Community Hospital
  3. UR Medical School:
    1. General Surgery Interns
    2. Anesthesiology Residents
    3. Accelerated Nursing
  4. Jewish Senior Living:
    1. Day Program
    2. Tower
    3. The Lodge
    4. Wolk Manor
  5. Kirkhaven Senior Living
  6. DDSO New York:
    1. Rochester Region
    2. Newark Region
  7. Quail Summit, Canandaigua
  8. Schottland YMCA
  9. Ogden Parks & Recreation
  10. Lyons Central School
  11. Village at Unity:
    1. Hamlet
    2. Memory Care
  12. Hickok Center for Brain Injury
  13. Kendall High School
  14. Legacy Senior Living:
    1. Grand Vie, Penfield
    2. Park Crescent, Greece
    3. Parkland, Churchville
  15. Gate Chili Central School District:
    1. High School
    2. Middle School
  16. Fairport Central School District:
    1. Fairport High School
    2. Minerva Deland High School
    3. Fairport Middle School
  17. St John’s Home
  18. Charlotte Harbortown Homes
  19. Rush-Henrietta High School
  20. Wesley Gardens
  21. Ridgeland Community Church
  22. New Hope Church, Brockport
  23. St. Christopher’s Church, North Chili
  24. Chateau at Heritage Square
  25. Solstice at Fairport
  26. Highlands at Penfield
  27. Rochester Christain School
  28. The Strong National Museum of Play
  29. University of Rochester:
    1. Eastman School of Music
    2. River Campus – Library
    3. River Campus – Health Services
  30. Byron-Bergen High School
  31. St. John Fisher College:
    1. Health Services
    2. Library
    3. School of Pharmacy
  32. Rochester City School District (66 schools):
    1. School #50 Library
    2. Northeast College Prep High School
    3. World of Inquiry K-12 School
  33. DePaul Mental Health:
    1. NOTA
    2. Parkside
    3. Edgerton Squar
    4. Ridgeview
    5. Lyell Road
  34. Roberts Wesleyan College Library
  35. Monroe Community College
  36. Penfield Central School District
    1. Penfield High School
    2. Penfield Middle School
  37. Camp Good Days – Project TIPS
  38. Gates Park and Recreation
  39. Gates Social Club
  40. Gates Public Library
  41. Campaign D
  42. Stokoe Farms
  43. Friendly Home
  44. Friendly Home – Glenmere
  45. The Landing at Brighton
  46. ElderWood Village at Greece
  47. Episcopal Senior Living:
    1. Brentland Woods
    2. Mount Hope Senior Living
  48. Homesteads for Hope

Corporate Locations we Serve:

  1. Dixon Schwabel + Company
  2. eLogic
  3. Harter Secrest & Emery
  4. LSI Solutions


  1. West Herr Automotive Group
  2. Ruff Day Resort – Webster
  3. The Caring Music Group
  4. Stokoe Farms
  5. Keystone Club